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Remote Learning

Christian Life Schools Remote Learning Program 2020-2021


We know many families prefer to have their children learn at home this school year, but you also want to maintain academic excellence. In response, we are providing a Remote Learning Program option for 2020-2021. This program’s goal is to provide students as close to our traditional classroom instruction as possible in a format that allows flexibility with your individual needs and time limitations at home.


How it will work:


  • Inform our admissions coordinator Narvis Penix of your desire to have your children use Christian Life’s Remote Learning Program.
  • Your child will be enrolled in a classroom (PreK3-5th) or given an academic schedule (6th – 12th). They will be assigned a Google Classroom email and login to access their coursework.
  • Christian Life’s classroom teachers will record their live lectures and instructions and post them on your child’s Remote Learning Google Classroom page. Additional materials such as notes, lesson plans, and handouts will be uploaded to these pages as well.
  • Remote Learning students will work one day behind in-person CLS students. For example, teachers will have posted by 8:00 AM on Tuesday the videos of live lectures and assignments that they did with their classes on Monday.
  • Remote students will be given textbooks and coursework from their classes to follow along and do assigned work. Certain handouts may need to be picked up once a week from the CLS Office.
  • Per arrangement with teachers, assignments will be turned in through Google Classroom or once a week in the CLS Office. Elementary students will need to turn materials in once a week.
  • Due to the nature of PreK3 – 2nd grade, the video instruction your child receives will be tailored directly to children working online rather than video recordings of classroom instructions.


Remote Learning FAQ’s


How does this differ from other online learning?


We will provide your child with as close to a real classroom experience as possible while at home, while also allowing you to work around your own schedules.


Why is this not a full real-time live feed?


It would be impractical for us to expect a student to sit in front of a screen for seven hours a day – plus it would be miserable for them! Our goal is to provide your child with the same in-person teacher lectures and instructions that our on-campus students experience. We want you to work around your daily schedule, not ours.


Will grades for classwork done at home be counted?


Yes. Your child’s work will be graded and count as an official grade. These grades will be entered into RenWeb.


Will students receive Chrome Books for online learning?


We have purchased enough Chrome Books for all staff and students in 3rd – 12th grade to receive one for the school year, and this includes online learners. Our order is processing through State of Illinois funds and is currently delayed beyond our initial late-August delivery date.


How will my child and I communicate with their teacher?


Daily communication should be made through e-mail. You are welcome to set up after-school appointments to meet one-on-one with your child’s teacher as needed.


Can I switch from online to in-person, and vice versa?


We understand that your circumstances may change throughout the year, so a switch can be made once during the school year. However, our in-person classroom sizes are smaller this year due to health precautions. We cannot guarantee space will be available if you are looking to switch from remote to in-person learning once the school year begins.


When can I pick up my child’s materials?


If you have registered for Remote Learning by Thursday, August 20, you can pick up your child’s materials at our elementary teacher meetings and middle and high school new student orientation meetings on August 24 and 25th. If you register for online after Thursday, we will set a time with you to pick up materials.


What is the cost for Remote Learning?


Remote Learning tuition and fees are the same as traditional in-person schooling.


What happens if … ?


Obviously there are many unknowns this school year. If there are state mandated closings, our in-person students likely will blend in with what our Remote Leaners are already doing.



Revised: August 17,2020