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Parking & Traffic

Enter the south parking lot off of Spring Creek Road, and please observe the following traffic pattern:
  • If parking and walking your student into the building, proceed by turning left and parking in the park in the parking lot immediately in front of you.
  • If dropping off your student, turn right at continue along the furtherest east side of the parking lot and enter the coned drop off area. 
      • Pull up in front of the school, stop, and have children exit from right side of the car.
      • Keep in the mind, that there will be cards behind you waiting to drop off. If you are going to have a conversation or a long goodbye, please opt to instead park and then walk your child in from the parking lot. 
  • Pick up will follow the same traffic pattern coming into the parking lot. 
      • All PreK3 and PreK4 students must be picked up inside their classroom by the parent or another adult who is listed as approved to be able to pickup your child.
      • If you are going inside to pick up your child, please turn left and park in the parking lot.
      • If you are going to pick up your child from their line (weather permitting, teachers pull up to where you see your teacher ad your child's class. Classes line up from oldest to youngest.
Student drivers and parents dropping off or picking up MS or HS students should do the following:
    • Enter the CLS north parking lot via the traffic light at the Mulford Road and North Brynwood Drive intersection. 
    • Follow the directional markers around the perimeter of the north lot by traveling westward to the circle drive by the copper top building. 
    • Please do not park in the circle drive. This is where students can be dropped off or picked up.
    • Drivers then exit using the center drive traveling eastward back to Mulford Road. Please do not attempt to exit by going around the west side of the building as this will be coned off. This is NOT an acceptable route due to the safety of our children.