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Academics » Elementary Clubs

Elementary Clubs

Chess Club (2nd-12th grades)
Chess Club meets every other Friday after school to gather students from several grade levels to play chess while receiving guidance and instruction from the advisor(s). Students are divided according to ability and their knowledge of the game. If available, students may also participate in local Chess competitions.
Lloyd Roberts and Jeff Mickey &
Fitness Club (2nd-5th grade)
Fitness Club meets weekly after school as a fun way to get students involved in various fitness activities. There is an emphasis on cardiorespiratory endurance by running, walking, and games. 
Advisors: Megan Kniffen, Sarah Caraotta, Ashley Johnson
Young Rembrandts(K-5th grades)
Young Rembrandts is an after-school program which takes place on Wednesdays. The class is guided art instruction that teaches the drawing skills children need while developing learning skills that give children an academic advantage in the classroom.
Advisor: Laurie Mueller
Phone: 815-624-8788
Student Council (1st-5th grades)
Each of the 1st through 5th classes have 2 representatives (one boy and one girl) on Student Council. Student Council meets monthly, and works on projects to raise money for things that the students have chosen are a need for their school.
Advisor: Molly Butts