Spiritual Life

prek_chapelAt Christian Life Schools, we create an environment that compares to none other, enabling every child to experience the love of Jesus Christ through our incredible teaching staff.  Christian Life Schools is committed to providing quality education, while also cultivating an atmosphere where Christian principles are taught, modeled, and encouraged. Our entire CLS team strives to make the most of every opportunity, giving children the opportunity to grow in a loving, caring environment that teaches life lessons in a biblical model.  The purpose of Christian school education is the instruction of children within a God-centered view of the world, thus the truth of God’s Word and its principles are taught in an integrated fashion with all subjects.  Through daily Bible classes conducted at all grade levels, the spiritual life component is an exciting and positive part of the Christian Life experience. In a society where even the strongest and most secure child can experience the pressures of negative influences, Christian Life provides a place of security, constancy, and spiritual relevance.  Our student body comes from over 140 different churches and 36 different denominations. The principles taught and modeled at CLS are built upon the inerrancy of Scripture, so that students can develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Monthly Chapels

As a ministry of Rockford First, Christian Life Schools partners with KidsLife Director & CLS Children’s Pastor, Betsy Frost, for monthly interactive chapels.  Betsy and her entire team strive to create a place where kids can have a great BIG life with a great BIG God. It’s a place where faith, imagination, and learning go hand-in-hand. Building a kid’s life starts at a very early age. The beginning stages of spiritual development are learning blocks that can help children discover early-on how much God loves them.  Our preschool chapel guides little kids (3 years to kindergarten) into a safe, creative place that instills biblical concepts through age-specific learning.  Our goal is to take young children on an unforgettable, spiritual journey of never-ending discovery as they grow and develop in a nurturing environment.  Chapel is set up for age-specific learning to give your child the special attention they need and deserve. Little kids will discover engaging praise and worship, learn from interactive Bible lessons, and experience chapel times that will help them develop a love for God and others.

We want our students to know that…

  1. God Made Them
  2. God Loves Them
  3. Jesus Wants To Be Their Friend Forever