Administration & Support Staff

carriesmithCarrie Smith
Elementary Principal
ext: 300
staff_larryg2Larry A. Goodrich
MS/HS Principal
ext: 303
staff_christys2Christy Saunders
Asst. MS/HS Principal
ext: 316
staff_dukedDuke Ducett
Academic Dean
ext: 314
staff_johannabGregory Zies
Director of Admission and development
staff_sueeSue Esposito
Executive Administrative Asst.
ext: 310
staff_valgVal Grams
Elementary Administrative Asst.
ext: 300
staff_debhDeb Harris
Elementary Administrative Asst.
ext: 390
staff_rachelgRachel Goodrich
MS/HS Administrative Asst.
ext: 315
staff_sarahsSarah Spires
Athletic Office Administrative Asst.
ext: 317
staff_kimmKim Moore
ext: 305
staff_meganvMegan Valentine
MS/HS Campus Pastor
staff_jefffJeff Frost
MS/HS Campus Pastor
staff_garretbGarret Balcitis
MS Campus Pastor
staff_betsyfBetsy Frost
Elementary Campus Pastor
staff_ryanrRyan Read
Instructional Technology Specialist